Plain (g)/ Spicy poppadum with pickles


Dayalu (v) (g)

Potato cake made with lentils, spinach and fresh herbs, served with sesame pickle


Vegetable Khaja (v) (g)

Crisp pastry parcel with fresh vegetables, served with sesame seed pickle


Talumien Soup (g)

Traditional Tibetan noodle soup with slices of chicken, fresh vegetables and edd


Bhutuwa (g)

Stir-fried chicken liver, prepared in traditional Nepali spices


Momo (g)

Our famous steam cooked pork dumplings, delicately spiced and served with tomato chutney



Sekuwa Parbat

Tender pieces of lamb steeped in the spices and yogurt overnight, offering full flavour and aroma


Asala Macha (n)

Salmon marinated in yoghurt and dried fruit paste, chargrilled to succulence in the clay oven, served on a bed of thin potato slices


Tareko Squid

Tempura of finely spiced squid, fragranced with herbs


Prawn Sinka

Prawns marinated in sesame seeds, ginger garlic and served on bamboo skewer



Ideal as main courses or generous starters. In this method of cooking, combination of fresh herbs and spices are used and foods are marinated for hours in order to enhance to flavor of the food. All chuli dishes are then cooked over charcoal in a beehive shaped clay oven

Chayu (v) (g)

Lightly spiced mushrooms with cheddar filling. Grilled with vegetables on a skewer


Shangri_la Chicken

Chicken breast marinated with a Nepalese ground spices, barbecued in a clay oven.


Gurkhali Chicken

Pieces of Chicken breast marinated in green chilies, ginger and Nepali herbs


Teeli See

Belly of pork soaked overnight in cumin seeds, coriander, turmeric and fresh chilies marinade


Khasi Khachilla

Chargrilled peppers stuffed with minced lamb and fragranced with turmeric, cumin seeds and crushed peppercorns


Sherpa Lamb

Tender pieces of barbecued boneless lamb fragranced with mild spices


Pwawan Soonkoshi

King prawns cooked in delicate spices and exotic flavours


Main Dishes

Chicken Korshani

Shallow fried chicken with tomatoes, green chilies, herbs and spices (Extra hot on request)


Chicken Dahi (n)

Meltingly tender pieces of chicken breast, cooked with curry leaves and spiced yoghurt


Mooli Chicken

Tender pieces of chicken cooked with white radish "A traditional Nepali dish"


Pork Masu

Well spiced pork curry with onions, ginger and coriander


Piro Lamb

Spiced boneless lamb with ginger, garlic, coriander and green chilies (Extra hot on request)


Rara Chicken (n)

Barbecued chicken in a mild tomato and cream sauce, topped with almonds


Mayalu Lamb (n)

Tender pieces of lamb prepared in a mild nutty sauce, blended with fresh cream and smoked honey to create a delicate flavour


Aduwa Machha (g)

Pan seared white fish (Pangasius) with spices, ginger and spring onions


Khasi Tang (hot)

Knuckle of lamb cooked in a slow heat, served with chickpeas "Sherpa Kitchen's signature dish"


Janaki Prawn (n)

Prawns in a light coconut sauce flavoured with saffron


Lasoon Machha

Slowly pan-fried white fish (Pangasius) cooked with ginger, garlic and peppers in a chili garlic sauce


Chef's Special

Methi Prawns (g)

Prawns cooked with exotic spices and spring onions


Methi Chicken (g)

Barbequed chicken breast cooked with exotic spices and spring onions


Methai Lamb (g)

Lamb cooked with exotic spices and spring onions


Prawn Aswory (n)

Prawns cooked in garlic, fresh coriander and creamy tomato sauce


Chicken Asworya (n)

Chicken cooked in garlic, fresh coriander and creamy tomato sauce


Chili Chicken (g) (hot)

Meltingly tender pieces of chicken breast, cooked with green chili, exotic spices, spring onions and coriander.


Solti Chicken

Barbequed shredded chicken breast cooked with green chili and fresh ginger, garlic and coriander



Dhahi Bhanta

Spicy aubergine crushed and marinated in yoghurt.


Hariyo Miss Mass (g)

Mixed vegetables stir-fried in vegetable oil with fresh ginger and garlic


Kalo Daal

Dark lentil prepared in a special pot, flavoured with Tibetan herbs all the way from Nepal. Daal is essential part of the Nepalese culinary


Rato Farshi

Steamed pumpkin cooked in tomato and onion sauce with carom seeds



Delicious combination of button mushrooms and green peas, simmered with herbs and crushed coriander seeds


Palungo Sag

Fresh steamed spinach sautéed with fenugreek seeds. Rich in vitamins and minerals cooked with butter and cream, it is one of the many popular dishes of Sherpa kitchen



Fresh okra cooked with coarsely ground spices.



Gurkha Aloo

Potatoes tossed in turmeric and cumin seeds. Considered as a "must have dish" when having guests around



Fresh okra cooked with coarsely ground spices.


Aloo Kauli

Cauliflower and potatoes prepared in a light onion and tomato sauce.


Aloo Ra Bodi

Fresh runner beans and strips of potatoes, cooked with garlic and fresh onion gravy sauce


Palungo Sag

Rich in vitamins and minerals. Fresh steamed spinach sautéed with fenugreek seeds, it is one of the many popular dishes of Sherpa kitchen


Noodles / Chow-Chow

Stir-fried noodles delicately prepared according to traditional Nepalese recipes. Choice of : Vegetable (g), Lamb (g), Chicken (g), Prawn (g)

Vegetable (g)


Lamb (g)


Chicken (g)


Prawn (g)




Steamed rice


Rashilo Bhat (n)

Rice cooked with bay leaves and cardamom, garnished with caramelized onions


Bhuteko Bhat

Fried rice with vegetables and eggs


Tibetan Fried Rice

Fried rice with eggs, chicken and vegetables


Bread (Naan)

Naan (g)

A classic plain naan bread


Garlic Naan (g)

Self-raising flower bread with fresh garlic baked in our clay oven


Gulyo Roti (n) (g)

Sweet bread prepared with almonds, coconut and sultanas



Moola Achar

Homemade white radish pickle preserved in mustard seeds and mustard oil (hot & spicy)



Homemade Plain yoghurt


Sandeko Bari

Green Salad with homemade dressing